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Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, which is willingly visited by tourists regardless of the season. Here are some of the most popular sights that you must see while in Prague.

The St. Stephen’s Cathedral is very popular. Wit. It is the largest and most important temple in Prague. It is a spiritual symbol of the Czech state and one of its most important monuments. There is a crypt of Czech kings in it, a richly decorated chapel of St. Wacław along with his relics and the beautiful Golden Gate. At present, it is the seat of the archbishopric.

The Charles Bridge is also eagerly visited. It is the most-visited place in the whole of Prague. This 14th-century monument connects both banks of the Vltava River, as well as the districts of Mala Strana with the Old Town. It was supported on 16 pillars and it is the only medieval stone bridge in the world that has such a span of spans. Tourists and locals go in his direction mainly in the evening, because it is then that you can admire the beautifully lit Prague Castle. In the summer season, the Charles Bridge turns into an eternal feast and souvenir stalls.

Many tourists also visit Loreta. Loreta is a complex of beautiful, baroque sacred buildings located in the Prague district – Hradczany.

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Vienna is a very attractive city that is visited by many tourists every year. It is also the capital of Austria, which attracts with numerous monuments. So what is worth visiting in Vienna?

It is worth visiting mainly Hofburg. This is the official residence of the Habsburgs. It was built in the 12th century. She held her representative functions until the 20th century. In the meantime, she was subjected to many conversions and modifications. Currently, it is a significant complex of buildings, squares, courtyards and gardens.

The Schönbrunn Palace is also popular. The palace was built by order of the German Emperor Leopold I. In 1996 he was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

At present, the Baroque style created during the reign of Maria Teresa dominates here. Inside, you can see numerous frescoes and stucco work. Visitors were made available, among others royal apartments. The Museum of Carriages operates in the nearby annexe. There is also the Palm House, Glorietta and the Neptune Fountain.

It should be emphasized that from 1441 rooms, only 45 were available to the public. The interiors were decorated in rococo style and decorated with Czech crystal mirrors and faience stoves. Against this background, the modest living space and the offices of Emperor Franz Joseph are characteristic.

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