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Not typical Salzburg trip

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The Salzburger Land has the most beautiful alpine panoramic route, the world’s largest complex of ice caves, the highest waterfalls in Europe. Let’s not forget, ┬áthat in the Salzburg province are dozens of other places with extraordinary touristic values, interesting museums and beautiful palace gardens, which are in no way inferior to similar objects in…

Venice – a beatiful italian city

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Dolomites and Apennines to the river valley and 7.5 thousand kilometers of the coastline of the five seas. There are many active volcanoes in Italy as well as extinct volcanoes. Deep lakes and beautiful islands will definitely encourage relaxation. Italy is also the cultural center of Europe. We find here thousands of buildings representing almost…

Hostel in Praha the best solution for tourist

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Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, which is willingly visited by tourists regardless of the season. Here are some of the most popular sights that you must see while in Prague. The St. Stephen’s Cathedral is very popular. Wit. It is the largest and most important temple in Prague. It is a spiritual…

How to find the best hostel in Wien?

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Vienna is a very attractive city that is visited by many tourists every year. It is also the capital of Austria, which attracts with numerous monuments. So what is worth visiting in Vienna? It is worth visiting mainly Hofburg. This is the official residence of the Habsburgs. It was built in the 12th century. She…

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