Not typical Salzburg trip

The Salzburger Land has the most beautiful alpine panoramic route, the world’s largest complex of ice caves, the highest waterfalls in Europe. Let’s not forget, ┬áthat in the Salzburg province are dozens of other places with extraordinary touristic values, interesting museums and beautiful palace gardens, which are in no way inferior to similar objects in the world.

Hallein has one of the most interesting museums of Celtic culture in the world. The collections exhibited here and unique exhibits are a testimony to the life and cultural heritage of the oldest sovereign tribe of Central Europe

The Mauterndorf castle in the Lungau region invites families with children to a fascinating journey back to the Middle Ages. To get to know the castle life, it is enough to wear knightly armor or castellany garments. The brave knights and beautiful castellans discover the secrets of fighting and defending the castle, look into countless rooms – from casemates to the castle tower – and get to know the weekday in the medieval castle.

Salzburg is a place rich in various turtles. For this reason, it is impossible to visit the city within one day. For the most impressed, the best solution are hostels in Salzburg, because of the low price and very good conditions! Moreover, these are places where you can meet people from all around the world. This is so great ocasion to know different habitats and culture.

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