Venice – a beatiful italian city

Dolomites and Apennines to the river valley and 7.5 thousand kilometers of the coastline of the five seas. There are many active volcanoes in Italy as well as extinct volcanoes. Deep lakes and beautiful islands will definitely encourage relaxation. Italy is also the cultural center of Europe. We find here thousands of buildings representing almost all styles and ages, including Roman Colosseum, Roman Forum. Veneto is an administrative region located in north-eastern Italy with an area of 18,377 km2. The capital of this region, as the name suggests, is Venice with 331 thousand inhabitants.

Walking through Venice we will pass hundreds of historic palaces, churches, and numerous museums. We will be fascinated with beautifully decorated facades and waterlogged doors, which are used to enter the interior of the building straight from the boat. Even small bridges over the canals are beautiful works of art. It is hard to believe, but the whole Venice is built on wooden stilts. They do not rot because they never have contact with oxygen.

Venice is a city that attracts many tourists every year. Many couples decide to spend their honeymoon there because the city is extremely romantic. Due to the multitude of attractions it is very difficult to visit this place in one day, so it is worth taking advantage of the hostel Venice offer. They are located in the city center, and the price of accommodation is very affordable. When planning a longer trip, it is worth taking advantage of this opportunity primarily due to attractive conditions.

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